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Monthly Prayer Intentions 2017 from Pope Francis

2nd December 1st week of Advent
9th December 2nd week of Advent
16th December 3rd week of Advent

Commissioning Masses 2019
Mercy Parish - St Patrick’s Church 
5:00 Thursday 7th February
St Mary’s Basilica  
5:00 Tuesday 12th February
Blessed Sacrament
5:00 Wednesday 13th February
Central Otago - Cromwell 
The Irish Martyrs and Mary Immaculate
5:00 Thursday 14th February
St Patrick’s Basilica
5:00 Tuesday 5th March

Twilight Meetings 2019 

Term 1 Caritas
Invercargill Tuesday 26th February 4:30 Venue TBA
Dunedin Wednesday 27th February
4:30 Mercy Centre
Central Otago Thursday 28th
4:30 St Gerard’s Alexandra

Bishop’s Forum
Thursday, 21st March 

Twilight Term 2 TBA

Twilight Term 3
Dr John Kleinsman
September 16 - 20
Details TBA

Term Three Twilight

  PowerPoint  link

Some of the resources presented at the Twilight.
Scripture Included in Learning Strands and Modules
Jesse Tree Game
Jig Saw
Level 1 Sort the Pictures
Who Am I
Old Testament or the New Testament
Creation Memory Pack
Creation Minibook Pack

Week 4: November 5 – 9
Peace: That the language of love and dialogue may always prevail over the language of conflict.  
Listen to these song for peace. Maybe use for staff prayer too.

Thank you God for the gift and children and the music and they hope they inspire. May their message of peace and love bring to a time when peace and love will forever be stronger that violence and hate.

11th Armistice Day

Week 5: November 12-16
16th Saint Margaret of Scotland 

Week 6: November 19-23
25th Feast of Christ the King of the universe. Check this out for fun. It is a oldie but you have gota enjoy this one. 

21st The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Week 7: November 26-30
30th St Andrew

Week 8: 3 – 7 December
1st week of Advent Hope
3rd Francis Xavier

You may like to skip the first part of this clip.

Kids explaining Jessie by day.

Week 9: 10-14 December
2nd week of Advent Peace

A series of Prayer reflections for staff.

Week 10: December 17- 20
3rd week of Advent Joy


SEE your DRS for Srand materials. I will no longer put them on this site. Your DRS has all the extra resources for the Strands and Modules.

I have had some enquiries so here is the Communion of Saints.

Communion of Saints Achievement Objectives
Communion of Saints Year Level Focus Statements
Key Comps for Com of Saints
Key Concepts - COM of SAINTS
Staff Meeting COM of SAINTS

RE Resources and Links

Click on the file you would like and the file will download.

Prayer Intentions Pope Francis 2018
Maori Glossary
2018 Strand Planner

Framework for Cath Spec Char Review Feb 8 2018

The Rosary PowerPoints
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
There are 15 in total. Ask your DRS for the others. They are on the RE Dio file.

Teacher's Quick Reference Guide
Teacher's User Guide
Time allocation for Religious Education
Faith Fact T4 2018 Dunedin 

RE Bridging Doc
RE Bridging Doc AAs & AOs All Strands
How to say the Angelus

Useful RE Links

TCI     http://www.tci.ac.nz/
NCRS http://www.tci.ac.nz/ncrsNew Zealand Catholic Education Office http://nzceo.catholic.org.nz/
Faith Alive http://www.faithalive.org.nz/ 
Faith Central http://www.faithcentral.co.nz/
Faith Journey Website NCRS This is where the Sacramntal program is.

Suzanne Aubert
Resources for schools

Religious Studies Teacher Association of Aotearoa New Zealand RSTAANZ  http://www.rstaanz.org.nz/
Certification handbook http://www.tci.ac.nz/ncrs/31-abouttci/ncrs/216-certification

Exploring the Gospel – An RE Resource

Auckland Catholic Schools Office and Strand Resources
Hamilton Dioceses RE Page
Preparation Material and Liturgy Outlines
Busted Halo clips that appeal to older children.
Butterfly Music