Diocesan Pastoral Council

Our Mandate:

In every diocese and to the extent that pastoral circumstances suggest it, a pastoral council is to be constituted which under the authority of the bishop investigates, considers, and proposes practical conclusions about those things which pertain to pastoral works in the diocese.”

Canon 511, Code of Canon Law, 1983

The Diocesan Pastoral Council is the Bishop’s Pastoral Council where elected and appointed members represent all sectors of the diocese in offering support to the bishop’s pastoral ministry.  It is a consultative body.

We welcome your feedback.

Please contact our DPC chairperson Tui Pasco: goff@xtra.co.nz

Who We Are:

Council Members:

Members Not Pictured:

  • Phil Wilson (Queenstown)

  • Lemuel Diamante (Dunedin)

  • Religious nomination pending 

Photo from last Zoom meeting. We are trying to be environmentally aware and meet via Zoom calls when possible.

DPC members.jpeg

Summary of latest Meeting Discussion: