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Suzanne Aubert

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Also known as Mother Aubert, was born and raised in France into a middle class family. She developed a great love for the poor by taking food to them. Her grandmother taught her that the face of Christ can be seen in the faces of the poor, and that it was a privilege to serve them.

At the age of 19 Suzanne Aubert heard Bishop Pompallier speak in Lyon, and responded to his request for missionaries to go to New Zealand. Her father had not allowed her to become a religious in her late teens, and by leaving home she was breaking the promise she had made to her father to stay at home until she was 25.

Pompallier taught Aubert and the other missionaries Maori on the way to New Zealand. She became fluent and wrote a Maori dictionary and prayer book.

In France Aubert had learnt chemistry and botany from a relative. When she arrived in New Zealand she used this knowledge to make remedies for healing. She eventually won the respect of the Maori people, who shared their own knowledge with her.

This is just the start of the story.
Find much more online, both in NZ government and Catholic web serches. This is a good one http://suzanneaubert.co.nz/

"Set Apart" - a collection of fibre art quilts by New Zealand artist Merrilyn George. Inspired by the life of Suzanne Aubert - New Zealand's Saint in the making.

Bishop Colin speaks for  Suzanne Aubert

Dunedin 11th October

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Pope Francis and the Eucharist

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