TCI Theology Papers in Dunedin

The Catholic Institute (TCI) Papers

offered in the Dunedin Diocese for 2017


Course Title:  What Makes a School Catholic? (RE601)

Course dates:  September 1,2 and October 6,7

Times: 4pm-6:30pm Fridays, 9am-4pm Saturdays

Venue:  St. Brigid's, 57 Bayfield Rd, Anderson's Bay, Dunedin

Lecturer: Sr. Jan Ogilvy

What makes a school Catholic?   What is meant by “special character”?   What is the role of teachers, Boards of Trustees and others, in maintaining and enhancing the Catholic character of a school? This course draws on Church documents, other current writings and the experience of the participants to provide some answers to these and related questions.

*Dunedin Course fees $80.50, Admin fee $19.70 (GST Inclusive) 


Course Title:  The Liturgical Year (TH204)

Level 6, 15 Credits

Course dates:  October 13-14 and October 31

Times: 9am-4pm Friday and Saturday, 4pm-8pm Tuesday

Venue:  St. Bernadette's, 16 Forbury Road, St. Clair, Dunedin

Lecturer: Colin MacLeod

As the title suggests, this course will look at the Church’s annual liturgical cycle with special focus on the liturgical seasons. It will explore the enriching theological and liturgical implications the cycle brings with it which will, hopefully, increase the appreciation for the importance of liturgy in the pastoral-spiritual formation of all the baptised

*Dunedin Course fees $80.50, Admin fee $19.70 (GST Inclusive) 


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