Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne

Social Justice Leadership Workshop

for Catholic secondary schools 

Three of the four secondary Catholic schools in our diocese (Verdon, St. Peter's Gore and Kavanagh) gathered at Burns Lodge, Holy Cross in Mosgiel on Wednesday to be regaled with tales of modern Gospel living.  Shane Claiborne, US Christian social activist talked about the community he founded with six university buddies, called The Simple Way.  They started about twenty years ago by living with the local homeless in their neighbourhood in Philadelphia, after a trip to Calcutta to work with Mother Teresa who was still alive.  She told them to go home and 'find their own Calcutta' and they did just that. Twenty years later the community has grown and they live sharing their resources and talents in common, as they build up the inner city neighbourhood of Philadelphia.  They buy abandoned houses and do them up for homeless families to live in, work on community gardens so all can eat, and look after one another financially as they are able, paying each others medical bills and funding one local youth with a scholarship to university every year.  It was an inspiring witness for the youth of the Dunedin Diocese to hear.  There was some in depth discussion about what our youth are already doing in their own ways for local mission.  We also dreamed together about other ways we can bring about the Kingdom of God here in Otago/Soutland by simply living The Way.


Shane Claiborne is a Christian social activist from the US.  He advocates for a nonviolent society, service to the poor, and care for our environment.  He is also a founding member of the Simple Way and a leading figure in the New Monasticism movement.  Shane is a radical Christian who lives out what he believes.   Come and be inspired by some of his remarkable journey.

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