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Come to our Mass of Love to celebrate Valentine's Day on Feb 13th (Ash Wednesday is Feb 14th, so we are celebrating a day early!).  7pm at St. Joseph's Cathedral, followed by champagne and nibbles.  All are welcome!






Relationship Encounter weekend is a course for engaged couples (and other couples interested in deepening their relationship) November 11-12, 2017.  This promises to be a fun and formative weekend focused on supporting you in the Sacrament of marriage.


What the weekend is about:

A large part of the purpose for the weekend is you spending time together as a couple. A real gift of time for just the two of you amongst the busyness of preparing for a wedding or life in general.

This course is based on Catholic Engaged Encounter, a programme designed for couples to deepen their understanding of commitment and marriage.  Jo and James trained in the Catholic Encounter programme in Wellington and are now offering it in our Diocese.  They themselves found it beneficial to their marriage of many years and want to open it up to all couples with the desire to deepen communication and understanding in their relationship.  Jo and James have developed the weekend to be family friendly, inclusive and fun with other couples involved who will be sharing something of their experience of marriage.  Come along on this weekend to offer each other the gift of exploring, sharing, reflecting on your marriage.  This weekend is open to couples of all ages and stages in marriage as well as children (there will be camp activities organized for them).

Sessions will include input and discussion on these topics:

  • Understanding Self
  • Communication and Conflict Resolution 
  • Life and Financial Decision Making
  • Intimacy and Family Planning
  • Forgiveness
  • The Sacrament of Marriage 

Date:   11-12 November 2017

Place:  Tirohanga Camp, Mosgiel

Cost:  $200 per family (includes all meals and accomodation)

Registration:  Click here to register online

Contact:  Jo Krysa:  [email protected]

About James and Jo:  Jo and James are a couple who live in Dunedin and have been married for 17 years.  They trained in the Catholic Engaged Encounter programme in Wellington.  James and Jo, along with their children Thomas and Emily, are parishioners of Holy Name Church, North Dunedin.


Our Marriage Educating Couples


Here's what happened on our Relationship Encounter Weekend, 26-27 November 2016

Tirohanga Camp near Outram was alive with love and joy, as four engaged couples gathered to learn about the ‘Decision to Love’ in an Engaged Encounter weekend at the end of November.  Jo Krysa and her husband James Clark did an amazing job of organising the weekend by bringing people together to create a relaxed and joyful atmosphere for the couples to reflect on their upcoming journey of marriage.  There were times of quiet, individual reflection and journaling, followed by time for the couples to come together to discuss how they will join together in the Sacrament of marriage.  Michelle and Pesamino Tili, and Jesse Lim and Augustine Chen joined Jo and James in offering personal reflections on the joys and challenges of marriage.  Several others joined in for background support of cooking and childcare which really enhanced the weekend’s special character.  It was a moving experience for all- the couples preparing as well as the couples presenting.  And the children enjoyed the camp as much as anyone as they explored the natural surrounds while their parents shared their wisdom.  The whole experience was a true witness of the Spirit of community joining together to offer love and support for those embarking on a lifetime of choosing love.