Walk By Faith (WBF)

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The Vision of Walk by Faith

  "Aspires to build confidence in people to be active in the life and Mission of the Church in the 21st century by fostering personal and spiritual formation, deepening understanding of Church teaching and Scripture and integrating this with faith and life experience."

What is Walk by Faith?

Adult Faith Formation

Walk by Faith is a three-year distance learning programme that aims to help people deepen their understanding of themselves, God and the teaching and living their faith.

Participants may enrol for one, two or three years. The course is open to people from every walk of life. If you enjoy reading in your own time, reflecting and taking part in group discussion, you will appreciate this stimulating and interesting programme. Previous study is not necessary!

Each year of the programme is divided into modules which include themes on various topics. Each module takes about six weeks of study. The group has a tutor and the module begins with a retreat/Introduction day followed by a tutorial. Participants receive a Participants' book and a book of readings to assist them in their study.

Assignments enable participants to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. The programme concludes in Year three with an outreach project by participants or in groups.