Education Council

Purpose and Mission

The Council's purpose is to nurture, promote and foster a seamless model of Catholic Education, considered as a lifelong enterprise that encompasses meeting primary and secondary schooling needs, with and outside the Catholic school system, and also includes a concern for tertiary education and for the ongoing formation in faith of adult Catholics.

We hold that Catholic Education provides a point of difference in that it is founded on the person of Jesus Christ who provides for us a model of humanity. As such, education is anchored in a Catholic vision that is personal and public, reflective and active, nurturing and transformative. Catholic education concerns the whole person, and it is in reference to the person of Christ that we will seek to evaluate and measure the success of Catholic Education in the Dunedin Diocese.

There are structures and systems required to work toward the vision for Catholic Education. The Education Council will aim to ensure that proper structures are put in place to assist in nurturing of Special Catholic Character that will permeate the life of the Diocese. We acknowledge that the personnel who choose education as a vocation are our greatest asset. We strive to draw upon their wisdom and experience, and support them in their ongoing formation. Through talking and listening to the concerns and hopes of people throughout the diocese, and via ongoing dialogue, the Council will work towards the forming and furthering of a vision of Catholic Education.


Council Members:

Bishop Colin Campbell
Rev Michael Dooley (Vicar General)
Fr. Gerard Aynsley (Vicar for Education) Chairperson
Sr. Jan Ogilvy OP
Tracy O'Brien
Chris Hogue
John Gallaher
Latesha Edwards