Diocesan Action Plan

Click here for the Diocesan Action Plan for 2016, approved by Bishop Colin and the Board of Administration in December 2015.

The plan builds on the momentum from the Diocesan leadership event at the end of October 2015, and turns the hopes and intentions from that day into fourteen concrete initiatives, focused on the pastoral life of the Diocese.  There are a further thirteen initiatives that relate more to the business operations of the Diocese.

Taken together, the 27 initiatives represent a challenging agenda of work for the Bishop’s key advisory groups and Diocesan staff.  Many will require active engagement from parishes, schools and individual Catholics, including:

·         Participation in a home discussion group programme linked to the Year of Mercy

·         Setting an expectation that every active Catholic in the Diocese will participate in at least one adult formation opportunity or provide at least one act of service or ministry to parish or community

·         A challenge for each parish and school to adopt at least one new practice suggested by Pope Francis in his encyclical on looking after our common home Laudato Si

·         A challenge to all Dunedin city parishes (plus others if interested) to participate in the Catholic contribution to refugee resettlement in Dunedin from mid-2016.

The Diocesan General Manager, Gerald Scanlan, will prepare progress reports against the Plan during the year and publish those through the Tablet and on the website.